Carve-in and carve-out

How can companies be more successful in their markets? There is no standard answer to this question. In some cases, the secret to success is to fuse parts of the companies or entire companies (carve-in). In other cases, the secret to success is to spin off units that can function better in the market on their own (carve-out).

In both cases, the company's IT landscape faces complex challenges. In a carve-in, an unfamiliar IT system landscape has to be integrated into an existing corporate structure, including all business processes.

No less complex is the process for carving individual parts out of an IT landscape (for example, a SAP migration or system migrations). Which data from the customer database is the new unit to have access to? Which planning data, bills of materials, formulas or contractual data does this new unit need? What confidential data must not be permitted to leave the company?

Whether units need to be separated or merged – SPIRIT/21 is your expert partner who is familiar with the challenges. Our expertise and experience gained from a wide variety of projects ensure that your project will likewise be successful.



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