Specifications and software architecture

Many software projects fail due to inadequate requirement specifications from all parties involved. What may seem obvious is frequently omitted or only insufficiently specified. What are the requirements your software will need to fulfil later? Which technology provides the necessary level of investment safety? Which interfaces and user groups need to be taken into consideration?

The right foundation is critical: requirements-based software architecture

SPIRIT/21 accompanies you throughout the entire software development process, all the way from specifying the requirements, selecting the technology, designing a software architecture that is effectively set up and scalable all the way to security questions for your software solution. Our experienced requirements managers ask you crucial questions in a series of workshops. We develop an excellent and competitive solution for your software architecture together with our front end architects and experts.

This occurs in the format of your choice, either in the requirements specifications or as a user story. We also support our customers in the evaluation of existing applications and their software architecture. In addition to fitness checks, our architects also provide architecture reviews.

Robust software architecture: Flexible, scalable and reliable

Functionality is an integral part of the whole. Truly excellent software not only fulfils the current requirements at the time of the implementation, it can also be adapted to new requirements. It is easy to maintain, secure, fast and reliable. Software that does not fulfil these requirements or software that can only partially fulfil them becomes a cost risk that is difficult to calculate in the long run.

The SPIRIT/21 software architecture experts act as guides to success. They unite technical requirements and company-specific framework conditions. This results in a solution that delivers optimal performance throughout the system's entire life cycle. This ensures you not only have a competitive solution with regard to costs, but you are also able to keep the risk of such a development to a minimum with our experts.

Security for your software architecture

The options of networking and the collaborative utilisation of commercial data in web and cloud platforms enable your employees to collaborate more effectively than ever before. These opportunities also have their own risks. Sensitive data in particular must be protected against access by unauthorised persons.

Robust software architecture not only enables easy maintenance and easy adaptations, it also increases the security of your software systems. For this purpose, the most state-of-the-art methods from the software architecture area are used by SPIRIT/21.


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