Quality management

What is your software really capable of? Our quality management area puts the software your company uses to the test, shining a spotlight on every last nook and cranny. Our specialists bring the software programs you cannot do without up to date. Quality management actions implemented early in the process determine the success of your applications. Trust our experience.

Putting it to the test Quality management for obsolete IT systems

A good software grows in line with your needs. Eventually, however, the limits of flexibility are reached. Software programs become obsolete because interfaces are no longer current, performance is no longer sufficient or important functions are simply missing. Changing developer teams, time pressure, inadequate documentation or different levels of experience among the developers sometimes necessitate making adjustments or carrying out maintenance work on short notice and lead to cost factors that are difficult to calculate. As a result, effective quality management is virtually impossible.

SPIRIT/21 quality management tests the quality and capacity of your IT systems in accordance with transparent standards – autonomously or together with your developer teams. For this purpose, we carry out a complete analysis and evaluation of your software architecture and develop solutions based on sustainable approaches for future-proof, stable software solutions that are easy to maintain. Our quality management area creates transparency and investment reliability for your IT system.

Quality management for individual solutions

It is not always possible to use standard software, especially in applications that are critical to the company. For us, quality management also means taking over your individual solution's redesign to ensure it can be connected to state-of-the-art technology. While working in close cooperation with our customers’ development departments, our quality management area analyses the existing application and updates it if necessary. Field-tested quality management processes and tools ensure effective and streamlined implementation. This results in clear architectures and transparent code in state-of-the-art individual solutions that can easily be expanded and maintained in future.

Reliable quality management thanks to tried-and-tested test methods

The importance of efficient test methods for quality management are frequently underestimated. The earlier an error is identified and remedied, the fewer costs arise. This can – with the corresponding degree of an application's complexity – be the deciding factor for an investment.

In addition to the cost aspect, a series of additional factors play a role; the development time frame can be adhered to better and the software development can be more transparent. And finally, nearly flawless applications lead to stable live operation. SPIRIT/21 customers have access to the expertise of the company's test experts who have successfully implemented and carried out tailor-made test methods in hundreds of projects.


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