Business integration

A wide range of IT systems are used in an enterprise. Some have been providing high-quality services for a long time, others have been added recently. Our business integration area combines legacy systems and stand-alone solutions with new and future-proof system architectures where necessary.

When a lack of business integration cripples your business processes

The IT systems of many companies mirrors their history. Systems that have long surpassed their pinnacle are still frequently being used in some areas. Despite this, you cannot simply turn them off because they might be fulfilling process-related functions. Whether you consider them to be a valuable inheritance from former times or as a burden, in business integration terms, both types are referred to as legacy.

Additionally, many IT systems are designed as stand-alone solutions. This presents the business integration area with additional challenges. This makes data analysis using multiple systems very difficult. Relevant data must first be painstakingly filtered out of the individual data silos as they are required. Structured, up-to-date information is a decisive competitive advantage for any company.

We break ground: Customised business integration

How can you make these types of applications future-proof? How are they integrated into areas like the cloud and big data? How can you implement a corporate infrastructure that satisfies the most state-of-the-art IT requirements and can also access databases on legacy systems? From the system analysis to implementing the solution in the enterprise, the SPIRIT/21 experts are your partners for integrating legacy systems into a state-of-the-art system architecture.

Business integration: Bringing together information quickly and clearly

The developers of SPIRIT/21 have proven their expertise in the field of business integration in a wide variety of customer projects. They know how a platform needs to be designed so that information is brought together quickly and clearly to ensure business processes can be automated, optimised and be controlled better. In conjunction with clearly structured and state-of-the art dashboards, your data are optimally prepared and can also be exported for additional analysis, as required.

We develop customised business integration solutions to connect existing systems with one another quickly and efficiently. This represents the basis for secure, high-performance and streamlined web services. These solutions have been tested extensively and are already being used by many customers – this ensures you will benefit from the maximum level of reliability and security. The business integration logic can be implemented quickly and easily using the modular extension concept. You also have the option of writing your own extensions.


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