Application management services

Expansions and maintenance are inevitable in the life cycle of an application. Our specialists are ready to offer assistance at any time with application management packages customised to your individual demands. In addition to operation, we also take over the monitoring, job scheduling as well as archiving and support of your applications to ensure the smooth and trouble-free productive operation of your IT system.

Whether it is a proprietary development or one from a third-party developer, our application management service regularly installs system-critical updates for you and, upon request, will gladly take over the complete hosting of your application. This ensures you no longer have to worry about the operation and continuous development of your IT systems.

Application management for rapid-response troubleshooting and support

Another important aspect of application management is the user help desk and the rapid response if problems arise in the application. We take over 2nd and 3rd level support using our own support or by taking over your ticket system. This makes it possible for problems in the application to be clarified quickly, understood and remedied, if necessary. Bug fixes are incorporated in the release planning or installed immediately as a hotfix, depending on importance.

Flexible reactions to change requests are possible thanks to application management

If new requirements arise at short notice, these must be analysed and the changes to the solution must be planned realistically. In addition to analysis and planning, our application management also monitors the implementation of the changes and can do this itself upon request.

We ensure that change requests are registered, assessed, prioritised and documented in accordance with your regulations and requirements in a structured process. Of course, we ensure the changes start up smoothly after implementation.

This frees up space for you to concentrate on your core business

The goal of our application management service is to free up space for you and your employees to focus on your real core business. Nothing is more discouraging than a software program that does not work and poor customer support. We can optimise the costs in the long-term as a result of a scalable resource mix. Mutually agreed SLAs define the precise scope of our application management service and make sure you have fast response times.



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