Software development

Whether you are looking for a cloud solution, hybrid app development or customer-specific dashboards, SPIRIT/21 covers the entire process of software development. We support you in all relevant phases of your project, such as requirements management or the development of a high-quality and stable software architecture.

Software development: our 360 degree concept

Thanks to our proprietary solutions and tools, we can implement highly specialised customer requirements flexibly, quickly and cost-efficiently. We are also available after the completion of your software development. We will gladly take over the support and operation of your software upon request. If your IT systems no longer meet the technological standards, we are also the right partner for those looking to update or change their technology.

Knowledge creates independence

Our developer team covers a broad portfolio of technologies and is well-versed in all commonly used technologies in software development, including everything from Java, C#, HTML with JavaScript to customised SharePoint and Lotus Notes enhancements. As a result, we are able to reliably implement complex projects ourselves, such as the simultaneous development of a web service as a backend or a hybrid app as a frontend. We will find the right technology that best suits your requirements. And if a change in technology is required, our extensive knowledge of legacy technology and new technology ensures a quick, seamless changeover.

Our strengths in software development

Hybrid app development is one of the most exciting developments on the market as well as a core competency of SPIRIT/21. These web applications developed in HTML are adapted to the respective target platform (iOS, Android, Windows 10) using a special framework and run there as native app. The one-of-a-kind development of a powerful and scalable backend in the cloud minimises costs and accelerates flexible adaptation to different frontends.

Tailored dashboards and cockpits for easy control and optimisation of your business process in real time are an additional strength of our software development department. The uniform access to diverse backend systems offers users valuable insights into the relationships and trends within your software systems. In addition to the development of numerous expansions to the Intranet platform SharePoint, we can draw on our many years of experience in developing traditional desktop applications.

We would be glad to tell you more in a one-on-one conversation.

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