Make maximum use of your resources thanks to SAP training

A genuine software solution includes knowing how to use it. This is the purpose of our SAP training sessions. Targeted training sessions from our extensive SAP training program quickly transform your employees into experts at using new solutions.

SAP training for fast, targeted knowledge transfer

The success with which a SAP solution can be used in your company is decisively determined by the skill your employees have in using it. SPIRIT/21 offers a wide range of SAP training sessions. We convey knowledge with a real-world focus and familiarise your employees with the latest SAP technology quickly and for the long term.

Our SAP training is based on individualised qualification concepts, tailored to your application systems. In the process, we not only develop SAP training concepts, we also implement them for you. From a wide variety of projects, our SAP training consultants have the experience to know what is most important. They have mastered all tools and methods of SAP training necessary for fast, efficient knowledge transfer.

Training teams composed of experienced ERP consultants and specialists for professional training and development analyse the requirements, create customised training concepts and carry out the SAP training sessions in person. This increases acceptance among your employees, ensuring that your investment into the new technology bears fruit as quickly as possible.

Our SAP training includes:

  • Creating training requirement analyses and strategy workshops
  • Developing customised qualification strategies (classroom, e-learning or blended learning)
  • Developing role-based and process-oriented SAP training materials
  • Carrying out system and process training sessions (end users and key users, managers, project teams as well as suppliers and customers)
  • Creating and maintaining SAP training and practice systems
  • Planning and developing customised e-learning solutions

SAP training delivers knowledge where it is needed

To ensure a smooth transition to productive operation of a SAP solution, it is essential to get all relevant users acquainted with the new solution. This requires a thoroughly planned training concept.

Who at the company will be working with the new solution? Which employees have to be trained in which areas? How many days of SAP training are required for the individual employees? We conduct an in-depth analysis to determine your requirements. Experienced SAP training experts analyse all factors that are important for smooth processes.

Our service details

  • Carrying out a requirements analysis
  • Detailed planning and conception of SAP qualification at an early stage
  • Implementation of an efficient qualification program optimally tailored to the individual needs

The correct SAP training concept is critical

What is the right SAP training format to ensure that your employees can use the new SAP solution in production operations as quickly as possible? In-person/classroom seminars? E-learning? Or are web-based training sessions and conferences or even blended learning (that combines traditional in-person classroom time and state-of-the-art e-learning) a better fit for your company and its needs?

In collaboration with your teams, we draft the SAP training concept that is the best fit for you. Our SAP consultants are experienced and certified. This ensures that you always have state-of-the-art training over the long term.

Our service details

Implementation methods:

  • Classroom training sessions
  • Web-based training sessions
  • Blended learning solutions
  • Documentation


  • Creating presentations and manuals
  • Simulation and authoring tools

Workflow organisation:

  • Registering for training sessions
  • Inviting participants
  • Reproducing the materials
  • Responsibility of project office and project team

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