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SPIRIT/21 is your ideal partner for SAP projects. Our SAP consulting makes your projects successful. Using tried-and-tested methods and efficient tools, optimally adapted to your requirements. Our SAP consulting for your IT has the goal of making your system as complex as necessary and as efficient as possible.

SAP consulting provides the basis for lean SAP architecture

The fundamental principle of our SAP consulting: The earlier the prerequisites are properly in place, the better the results will be. In many cases, systems that have grown over the years are more complex than they need to be. This is also true of standard solutions.

If you want to avoid wasting time and money on this, it is best to have the architecture of the SAP system planned and configured as part of comprehensive SAP consulting. The more thoroughly planned the structure, the better the results.

When you have SPIRIT/21 as a partner, you have the confidence provided by our many years of experience in SAP consulting. We reduce the complexity of your IT down to what is necessary and no more. At the same time, we create scalable and future-proof SAP architecture for you.

Our services in SAP consulting

  • Analysis and documentation of structures, dependencies, and use of SAP application landscapes on a logical, technical and specialised level
  • Developing workable and effective architecture concepts across system, technology and organisation boundaries
  • Designing interfaces and procedures taking into account fundamental security requirements
  • Integrating a wide variety of functional applications into uniform user interfaces
  • Aligning the IT landscape with the strategy and vision of the company
  • Identifying and evaluating specialised areas of potential for gaining benefits and optimisation

Information technology made uniform thanks to SAP consulting

Your company changes along with its markets. Likewise, your IT changes as new challenges require new technological solutions. In many cases, the result is that corporate processes no longer form a harmonious fit with the IT landscape.

SAP consulting from SPIRIT/21 ensures that harmony is restored. We reduce the complexity of your processes and SAP systems to the minimum necessary. This creates transparency and establishes a situation that supports the deployment of state-of-the-art technology.

Our SAP consulting brings you a step closer to your business objectives: Pushing growth, reducing complexity, cutting costs.

SAP consulting in the area of harmonisation/consolidation

  • Improving process workflows and data structures
  • Reducing the complexity of software platforms
  • Cutting costs
  • Easier implementation of M&A plans with a standardised, consolidated corporate-wide SAP application landscape
  • System and process harmonisation from a single source, in conjunction with standardised tools and methods, puts the conditions in place needed for successful, long-term corporate growth
  • Changes to processes, structures and organisation in parallel with implementation activities

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