Server virtualisation – better performance, lower costs

A virtual server landscape offers many benefits. It cuts costs, saves energy, is highly variable and can be scaled. Additionally, server environment virtualisation uses the capacity of hardware resources more effectively. Virtual servers are quickly and reliably available.

Expertise is needed to take full advantage of the benefits offered by virtualisation. Our experts show you to build your new virtual server landscape or optimise your existing landscape.

Our services in the field of server virtualisation

  • Weak point analysis of your existing server infrastructure
  • Concepts for virtualising data centres
  • ROI / TCO considerations for cutting costs
  • Hardware sizing (including cloud scenarios)
  • Optimised hardware utilisation as a result of intelligent load distribution
  • High levels of scalability and availability
  • Highest possible data security

Virtual desktop – your desktop where you need it

No one can say for certain how the workstation of tomorrow will look. Some properties, however, are known today. The desktop is becoming more and more of a virtual reality. Accessing it will be possible regardless of location. Mobile applications and different, optimised terminal devices for each operation are driving the virtualisation of work forward at a rapid pace.

How can you take advantage of virtual workstations to benefit your company and use virtualisation? Let the SPIRIT/21 specialists show you! The highest levels of data security, central management and access from different end devices – in many projects for customers, our experts have shown how all of these things can be implemented. And if your requirements change, our experts know how to adapt your virtual infrastructure in a way that is cost-effective, fast and secure.

Our desktop virtualisation services at a glance

  • Concept creation for simple and time-saving client management
  • Central management of virtual desktop environments
  • Migration planning for the switchover to the latest hardware
  • Seamless upgrades to new software versions (e.g. operating system)
  • Mobility planning: mobile work anywhere thanks to virtualisation
  • Access from different terminal devices (smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc.)
  • Highest possible data security
We would be glad to tell you more in a one-on-one conversation.

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