Storage Services: Securely managing growth

Even conservative studies say that the annual increase in data within a company is around 30 percent. How can increasing volumes of data such as these be stored securely and be managed cost-effectively?

Storage Services from SPIRIT/21 provide the future-proof solution for these questions. The new, intelligent storage systems in conjunction with cloud solutions are much more than a collection of hard drives. Optimally configured and operated by experienced administrators, they provide data as they are needed. This creates security and cuts costs.

The SPIRIT/21 experts analyse your requirements and develop a perfectly suited storage concept. We will implement an optimal storage solution for you that is based on your needs. We will gladly migrate your data from your legacy systems and also take over the operation of your storage solution – this will ensure you are well taken care of in the long run!

Our employees have years of in-depth experience in implementing storage solutions and storage services. Our team is technologically very well versed and is familiar with all of the leading providers’ storage systems such as HP, IBM EMC, NetApp and Nutanix as a result of their years of experience working in the storage service area.


HPE / IBM / Aventics

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