Network management

The network management requirements within a state-of-the-art corporate network defined in brief: It must transport enterprise data in a reliable, stable and fast manner and prevent unauthorised access. An immense amount of expertise in network management is required to ensure the efficiency of your IT systems and reduce costs in the long term. As an experienced partner, SPIRIT/21 provides future-proof solutions for optimal network management.

Challenges in the field of network management

  • The amount and the importance of data traffic are increasing continuously
  • Expectations for high levels of reliability, stability (24x7) and the latest state-of-the-art technology
  • The network is a highly critical infrastructure component that must be stable and perform well

Our Services

  • Analysis of the customer's current network and a clear understanding of the customer environment
  • Complete network support for levels 1-3 and 24x7 support (on-call service)
  • Use of suitable network management processes and tools (ITIL, knowledge base, etc.), deployed according to the customer's preference
  • Use of state-of-the-art tracking and ticket systems

Optimisation of the network infrastructure and load balancing

A powerful network infrastructure compresses network traffic, intelligently distributes the workload to multiple servers and relieves them of certain tasks (e.g. encryption). 

Challenges for the network infrastructure

  • Low line costs
  • High data throughput
  • Short response times
  • Stable, reliable environment
  • No loss of performance despite data encryption
  • Prevention of network attacks

Our Services

  • Analysis of everything from design creation to implementation
  • Focal point in the areas of application delivery networking and load balancing (F5)
  • Qualified support (24x7)
  • Customised design based on individual customer requirements


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