IT project management: The basis for your success

The success of your IT projects depends on more than just time, budget and the level of your employees' qualifications. More often than not, the methodology and technical skills of your IT project management are decisive in determining how effectively you utilize personnel and financial resources. As a true project partner, SPIRIT/21 does more much than put the train on the tracks. Our professionals hold current IT project management certifications (PMI, IPMA / GPM) and have the technical expertise and social skills needed to ensure your IT project management area becomes a success story in its own right.

Challenges in IT project management

Many projects fail due to a lack of IT project management planning, ineffective monitoring and control and a lack of risk management. Delays, under-motivated employees and incomplete results then become part of the routine. A lack of leadership skills on the part of IT project management often results in a lack of responsiveness from project coordinators, unprofessional communication management with respect to stakeholders and dissatisfied customers. In these cases, a policy shift in the field of IT project management is strongly advised to not jeopardize the profitability and reputation of your company in the long run.

Our services in the field of IT project management

With the comprehensive team of experts consisting of coordinators, leaders and managers as well as the expansive amount of experience gained from a series of challenging IT projects, well-thought-out IT project management is among the core competencies of SPIRIT/21. Our project managers and project teams have the necessary methodological and hard skills, are familiar with the business processes of our customers and have been certified multiple times as a result of their performance by relevant organisations (PMI, GPM, IHK and others).

SPIRIT/21 implements its proprietary IT project management process, which includes a PM maturity system as well as an integrated risk management system, upon request. Our field-tested IT project management processes provide you the optimal basis for long-term success in the IT field. Tell us about your project. SPIRIT/21 will also lead your IT project on the path to success.

  • SPIRIT/21 offers a wide variety of project coordinators, project leaders and project managers
  • Our employees hold project management certifications (PMI, GPM, IHK etc.), have technical expertise and social skills
  • Establishing SPIRIT/21's own PM processes, PM maturity system and risk management system
Project variants
  • PMO
  • Transition / transformation management (outsourcing, carve-in/out)
  • Technical project management
  • Program management implementation and change management
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