Backup Services: Data storage – with security!

It goes without saying that data is part of a company's capital. Accordingly, data backup and storage factor is becoming more and more important for companies. However, the value of each category of data is completely different. There are data that, if lost, would only have a minor impact on the success of the company. And then there are data that carry significantly more weight, data upon which the survival of the enterprise depends. The more important the data are to the success of your company, the more indispensable timely investments in data storage and backup are.

This is one of the core competencies of SPIRIT/21. We design and implement complete backup systems that store our customers' data cost-effectively, securely and based on their requirements. We develop the correct data storage solution for your company, whether in collaboration with other cloud providers, on our private cloud systems or on data storage systems within your data centre. Automated backup plans with hierarchical data management elements ensure that the data relevant for the mission of the enterprise are made available again quickly based on their level of importance after a system crash.

Data storage: Concept, Design and Consulting

  • Selecting the optimal systems and services for data storage based on customer-specific data requirements and application requirements (backup to disk, backup to tape, remote backup, snapshot)
  • Configuring an optimal, cost-effective data storage concept

Implementing and operating data storage systems

  • (Remote) operation of a new or existing backup system landscape
  • Optimisation, adaptation, migration from legacy systems
  • Optimal backup and data storage services from experienced administrators
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