IT infrastructure: Set the right course from the start

An optimally aligned IT infrastructure is comparable to the spinal column of your IT system's process body. Only when the basis is correct can the profitability and the performance of the application systems built upon it be ensured. SPIRIT/21 provides a requirements-based architecture as well as stable and secure operation in your IT infrastructure. Ensuring the course is set right from the start. This cuts costs and creates investment protection.

Optimally interlinked: Customised IT infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure is truly only working effectively if all of its components are tailored precisely to the real-world requirements and organizational structures in your company. Our objective is to translate all of your requirements into a cost-optimised and secure infrastructure environment. Our teams of experts are equipped with high levels of sensitivity, which are the result of numerous IT projects, for diverse business processes and infrastructure architectures. From the very beginning, we focus on high levels of performance, reliability, flexibility and scalability of your IT infrastructure to exploit the existing hardware and software resources to their fullest.

Reducing complexity, standardising processes

The goal of our services in the IT infrastructure area is to reduce complexity, standardise processes and consolidate the interaction of all of your IT infrastructure's components. This is made possible, for example, by using intelligent systems for data storage and data security and through the virtualisation of server environment and workstations. The enables our infrastructure services to make a significant contribution to continuously providing more security, reliability, efficiency and profitability in your IT systems.

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