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Today, the desk is just one of the many places people get work done. Enterprise employees need mobile access to data and applications. SPIRIT/21 has forward-looking solutions that point the way to the world of mobile data.

When workplaces become virtual, a company's IT faces entirely new challenges. We develop customized solutions for your enterprise.

Enterprise Mobility Management – Mobility as motivator

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is not just a new buzzword. It reveals a paradigm shift in IT. Mobile terminal devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs make the virtual workplace a reality. It gives employees control over their time and the nature of their employment relationships.

Though many find this motivating, it also creates new challenges. The enormous potential of this technology must be transferred into results for companies and their employees. Legal hurdles, security requirements, financial considerations and integration into the corporate IT have to be taken into account, as must the current state of the art of technology.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) from SPIRIT/21 solves the problem of how to give business users access to data via mobile terminals in a way that is secure and complies with directives. Manufacturer-independent. And customised to your requirements!

Our service details

  • Mobile terminal device platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) vs. Company Owned Devices (COD)
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM) for distributing, managing and controlling access to mobile applications.
  • Mobile Information Management (MIM) for safeguarding business data on mobile terminal devices
  • Cost management.

Enterprise Mobility Management – consulting for better results

Technology is only part of a solution. Without the knowledge required to use it optimally, however, it yields only a small fraction of its potential. As a consultant for Mobility Management, we show you how mobile technologies can provide effective support to your enterprise, enhancing your business success.

SPIRIT/21 experts develop customized transformation processes and provide the framework for supporting the requirements and structures of your enterprise efficiently. This gives you the assurance that your mobile workplaces are up to the task. Even if they take the form of many thousands of terminal devices used across the world.

Our service details

  • Approval and ordering processes
  • Global and regional support processes, help desk, VIP support
  • Strategies and concepts for user and device lifecyle management, housekeeping
  • Definition and management of polices
  • Design and definition of reporting, KPIs and monitoring
  • Integration of near-shore / off-shore teams
  • Migration scenarios, evergreening

Mobile Device Management – timetable for mobile data

In the old days, data were processed where computers were located. Now and in future, they will be entered, processed and retrieved where they originate. The more mobile your employees are while working, the more important data management becomes. Employees of your enterprise can do their jobs from anywhere in the world. This means entirely new challenges for the data landscape: How are data stored and where? How are data exchanged across different terminal devices? Who is permitted to retrieve them and using what means? How are data protected in a complex infrastructure?

We at SPIRIT/21 help you set up an infrastructure for mobile data management. And we implement this infrastructure working together with your user departments. Trust our experience and expertise.

Our service – your benefit

Our Service Device Management provides comprehensive support. From selecting individual components to implementing the complete solution in your enterprise, we are your partner. Even after these stages, we stand by you after the go-live. For example, with highly qualified support, automated reporting or a proprietary app store.

Our service details

  • Mobile strategies and concepts
  • Strategic consulting and enterprise-wide concepts
  • Consulting for compliance and legal topics
  • Service Device Management
  • Selection, design and implementation of MDM solutions
  • Automation, reporting and support processes (dashboard)
  • Definition and implementation of the company app store
  • Operation and support


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