Collaboration Services

Internet, cloud, mobile end devices – the more diverse the data sources are, the more important it is to unite these transparently. Only then will you hold the key to company success in your hand: perfect collaboration of systems and employees. Who can provide this? You have an expert partner in SPIRIT/21.

Collaboration Strategies – better collaboration, better results

The Internet as a whole, cloud technologies and mobile devices for accessing company data drastically change the collaboration in the enterprise – and as a result, the enterprise itself.

How can you get the most from this? How can you improve your results through consistent collaboration on all levels? Let the SPIRIT/21 technical experts show you. Independent of basic technologies and manufacturers, they will develop a customised strategy for you. And it won't be their first time. SPIRIT/21 has collected experience from many collaboration projects, both large and small. Whether they are for on-premise solutions, solutions in the cloud or solutions that combine both exploitation models.

Better results through better collaboration - we'll show you how to make it work. We will, of course, do this in close collaboration with you.

Our service details

  • Strategic consulting of company management
  • Comparisons based on current knowledge, regardless of manufacturers
  • Comparisons of the pluses and minuses of the on-premise, cloud and hybrid operating modes with regard to cost, security and future-proof performance
  • Demo and piloting options of all partial aspects

Collaboration Workplace – workstations with the future built in

In the case of a state-of-the-art workstation, where it is located is playing a less and less important role. Much more important is how well it is integrated into a corporate structure. How will end devices – stationary or mobile – be integrated into everyday working life and how can enterprise data be accessed? Can employees and teams communicate and collaborate with each other? How are data, documents, content and levels of knowledge synchronised?

The SPIRIT/21 specialists develop and implement workstation solutions for you that fulfil the requirements of tomorrow, today. Each one of your employees has access to information that is relevant for him or her – no matter how he or she wants to access it! Your employees can not only exchange knowledge and share documents, they can also lead discussions, hold meetings, have video and conference calls and manage appointments as well as contacts on a uniform platform. The workstation of the future is a reality today with SPIRIT/21. 

Our service details

  • E-mail and calendar: Uniform platform for all end devices with online or desktop access
  • Content Services: Company-wide provision of content as well as a personal storage area with online access
  • Social Collaboration: Sharing of documents and content as well as the exchange of knowledge, transfer of expertise and discussion feeds
  • Instant Messaging: (Group) chats, surveys, desktop sharing
  • Conferencing (+TC system): Holding online meetings, video and teleconferences and replacing the telecommunications system
  • Contacts: Quicker and easier access to contact information of colleagues, customers and partners

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