Collaboration and mobility

Mobile, virtual, networked—these are the coordinates of today's working environment. In our current system, information is the most valuable asset of the 21st century. The more transparently and effectively the data exchange is organized, the more productively your teams will work toward your business success.

Virtual work: Exchange data quickly, transparently and across all platforms

The virtualisation of the working world, however, also poses its own challenges. How can uniform access to corporate data and applications be ensured—regardless of location or end device? Who is permitted to call up data, what platform can they use and for what purpose?

How are data, documents, content and levels of knowledge effectively organized and synchronized across all types of technology?

Successful collaboration: transparent communication in real time

The SPIRIT/21 experts provide customised strategic consulting for your collaboration project to ensure improved levels of collaboration and better results. We compare the pluses and minuses of the on-premise, cloud and hybrid operating modes with regard to cost, security and future-proof performance. In doing so, we of course clarify the legal hurdles, safety requirements, financial aspects and integration in your company’s IT system.

SPIRIT/21 creates the mobile workstations of tomorrow, whether on smartphones, tablets or in the cloud, and ensures they are seamlessly integrated into your corporate structure. This enables us to make a significant contribution to the productive interaction of technology, employees and business processes.

We would be glad to tell you more in a one-on-one conversation.

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