IT services

The core competency of SPIRIT/21 is sophisticated IT solutions that are adapted precisely to what you need and what will pay off for you in the end. We see ourselves as a full-service provider with our eyes on the big picture. We provide the necessary fine tuning to coax every last bit of performance and efficiency out of your IT by ensuring the optimal interaction of all IT components – scalable and for the long term. 

IT services: Customised. Powerful. Reliable.

Our trained consultants and specialists develop highly flexible IT solutions with you. These include everything from strategic consulting and requirements analysis to customised hardware and software solutions and the complete virtualisation of your server environments and workstations.

We place the highest demands on performance, security and scalability. You can rely on our years of project experience in implementing complex and cost-optimised IT solutions. We are a trustworthy partner who not only understands IT but also speaks your language. 

Our service portfolio in the IT services area

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