Transition and migration

Seamless: Transition and migration

Every IT system passes its peak at some point. For an investment to remain intact, a change is required. Whether transition or migration – in both types of change, one IT landscape is transferred to a new one.

In a transition, the IT landscape is upgraded without changing the technical platform, database, operating system or other software. In a migration, a switch is made involving one or more of these fundamental technologies.

Both transition and migration have been a part of everyday business at SPIRIT/21 for a long time. In recent decades, we have successfully implemented projects on widely varying scales.

The important factor is for the change to be as seamless and "hiccup-free" as possible. A smooth transition is made to new technology without impeding the customer's everyday business. Though we do not always reach this ideal, it is the goal towards which our expert teams strive. Including working shifts outside regular business hours, including weekends. Or with test environments that enable the customer to identify and eliminate sources of error before live operation.

Experts wherever they are needed.

Whether carve-in or carve-out, transition or migration, SPIRIT/21 are exactly the experts you need.

  • Planning the overall project
  • Project management with deadlines, budgets and risks
  • Quality management
  • Change management

Trust our experience and expertise! Trust SPIRIT/21.



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