IoT, apps and integration

We are now on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. Just as the Internet has changed our working life and life in general, the Internet of Things (IoT) will change it in new ways. We are experiencing a fusion of the digital and physical worlds. Conventional structures and boundaries between industries are dwindling.

The networking of people, places, companies and objects offers the opportunity for much more closeness to the customer and thus for greater market success. SPIRIT/21 shows you how new products and services open the door for you to new markets, people and possibilities.

Market of possibilities

What does the Internet of Things mean for you and your company? What new opportunities arise – now and in the future? Our specialists show you how to take full advantage of the economic added value of this technological jump. What economic benefits can I reap with my products and services? What technical options exist for my production processes and quotations? SPIRIT/21 is your partner – from developing new business fields to implementing your solution in the Internet of Things.

Data – the capital of the 21st century

Closeness to people means identifying wishes and trends in a timely manner and being able to respond to them. Knowing what people want is half the battle. The Internet of Things is the key to doing so.

Data is the capital of the 21st century. Those who have it and know how to use it smartly have a critical competitive advantage. SPIRIT/21 supports you as a partner – for new products and services through intelligent exchange of data.

We would be glad to tell you more in a one-on-one conversation.

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