Cloud consulting & IT analysis

Adapting IT infrastructures to today's features like the cloud requires a great deal of advice and analysis in the preliminary stages. This is exactly where SPIRIT/21 starts. We offer joint cloud computing workshops for exactly this purpose, ensuring that your cloud delivers on the promise behind its development.

Collaborating with you and your specialists, we first carry out a comprehensive analysis of your existing IT infrastructure, develop customised target environments for your cloud and draft customized, highly detailed data protection assessments for you. We do all this based on our proven consulting concept – acting as equals with all stakeholders.

We take you into the cloud

This illustration shows the versatility and flexibility in designing the desired solution, all the way to an optional transition and production version. The interaction between your data centre and ours, as well as the optional integration of cloud concepts, create optimal conditions for the DataCentre of tomorrow.

We would be glad to tell you more in a one-on-one conversation.

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