DataCentre of tomorrow

Cost pressure, increases in efficiency from year to year, standardization and requirements from a wide variety of business areas – these are topics which today's CIOs have to deal with frequently.

Challenges for the DataCentre of today

In many cases, the current IT infrastructure with data centres reflects a company's history and development. Homogeneous landscapes are relatively rare. When old IT systems create bottlenecks but are still needed to perform indispensable tasks, adapting them to uniform technological standards is usually an absolute must when the long-term goal is to save money and increase efficiency.

That's not all, though. Almost every day, changes in the product cycles and the lightning speed of today's business impose new requirements on the availability, agility and adaptability of the current system landscape. However, CIOs seldom have the time resources necessary to strategically realign the overloaded data centre and make long-overdue adaptations.

The DataCentre of tomorrow: flexible with cost transparency

SPIRIT/21 is your guide to the DataCentre of tomorrow. Our consulting team starts by analysing and assessing your current IT set-up, ensuring that the foundation for future success is in place at an early stage. SPIRIT/21 bundles many years of expertise in using and integrating cloud solutions such as IaaS, BaaS and hybrid solutions.

The experience gained from numerous customer projects confirms that simply making the structures of your data centre more flexible compared to the existing IT landscape brings significant cost advantages. Talk to us. We would gladly meet with you in person.

We would be glad to tell you more in a one-on-one conversation.

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