Your success is our business objective

SPIRIT/21: Your partner – Innovative. Competent. Reliable.

Our Vision

is to foster long-term employee loyalty and, in doing so, create a high-quality, innovative workplace through collaborative teamwork with all employees.

Our Mission

is to inspire and encourage every customer to contemplate new or different things in the IT world through its partnership with us. 

Our philosophy

The spirit of SPIRIT/21 is the enthusiasm the employees have for the company, the enthusiasm for the customer's challenges and the enthusiasm for the each optimal solution. The primary objective of our management culture is to create leeway. Leeway makes it possible for our employees to develop new ideas and to actively participate in the development process.

As a medium-sized IT company, we stand for short decision making paths, open doors and pragmatic methods. Constructive criticism, particularly on the side of our employees, is the driving force that enables us to develop continuously. It is also part of the performance that is reflected in the results and something we respect and appreciate.

We are a fair partner, ensuring the highest standards of quality for our customers

We want to continue to grow with you. Our customers include international corporations as well as medium-sized companies. We use our expertise to cover a very wide spectrum of customers, from international market leaders to hidden champions and nationally or regionally successful providers.

We are on site where you need us to be. You can also find SPIRIT/21 in Dresden, Düsseldorf, Rüsselsheim, Hanover, Munich and Schweinfurt. International subsidiaries in Austria and Switzerland support our customers based in these locations directly on site.

The company is headquartered in the software centre of Böblingen-Sindelfingen, not far from the company's first location, in the heart of a metropolitan region shaped by ideas, technologies and innovation – surrounded by world marker leaders in a wide variety of industries.

SPIRIT/21 is one of the leading companies for consulting and service in the field of information technology. This is what we have stood for since our foundation in 1998.

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